Welcome to Productivity Rules

Hi, I’m Duncan Jones. I write about productivity and work/life balance.

I’ve been fascinated by these topics since I began my career in 2007. I had completed seventeen years of education and nobody taught me how to work effectively. How should I tackle email? What does a great meeting feel like? How do I schedule my work each day? It seemed to be left to the individual to explore.

I was also surprised my colleagues weren’t interested. They just turned up and did their best every day, without considering if they were following an optimal approach. I was surrounded by busy, hardworking people, but I wondered if they were falling short of their potential.

This led to an aha moment. I realised my natural interests could lead to an advantage. I was willing to learn how to work more effectively by experimenting with different techniques. This meant I might achieve more, in the same amount of time, than many of my peers.

Since those early days, I’ve studied countless books and podcasts, all focused on productivity. I’ve tested the suggestions and discarded the ones that didn’t feel right. Over time, I’ve settled on a set of productivity rules that make sense for me.

Which brings us to this website. I’m writing down those rules so they can help others who are starting their journey.

Please experiment and see what works for you. Good luck.